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SMS Marketing Services

Take The Power Of Mobility With You


In 2015, 6 billion SMS messages were sent every day in the US, while 20 billion were sent every day worldwide. Globally, over 350 billion text messages are sent each month. Pakistan has seen has seen a stunning and remarkable growth in both, the mobile subscriber base and the SMS traffic, during the past few years. The mobile subscriber base is touching the figure of 120 million by the last quarter of Y2017. And awesomely, 175.6 Billion text messages were exchanged during the Y2017. That is, almost 2000 SMS per subscriber in the Y2017. You can also take the advantage of mobility with you. We can send SMS to your potential customers. We have a huge database of active cell numbers from all major cities of Pakistan. For Karachi, we have area-wise databases for all major city areas.

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